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Metro Magazine

The IL state senate's 51-2 passage of a bill creating the Illinois and Midwest High Speed Rail Commission on March 18 is a major step toward planning the 150+ mph train from Chicago to St. Louis.
Mar 23, 2010   Metro Magazine
<p>This report from <em>Metro Magazine</em> outlines 25 North American cities currently planning bus rapid transit lines.</p>
Apr 4, 2008   Metro Magazine
A study of rail-based public transit systems in nine U.S. cities finds that rail systems have boosted redevelopment around transit stations.
Jul 13, 2003   Metro Magazine
Katherine M. Lapp is appointed the new executive director of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
Jan 21, 2002   Metro Magazine
Metro Magazine reports on emerging public transit smart card systems.
Dec 10, 2001   Metro Magazine