Syracuse Post Standard

A proposed Walgreens Drugstore is the latest in a series of challenges to Syracuse's Eastwood Overlay District Guidelines.
Dec 1, 2005   Syracuse Post Standard
One of the largest eco-friendly building complexes in the world will be powered by renewable energy sources and built with "green" materials.
Mar 8, 2005   Syracuse Post Standard
New Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor commits to major investment plan in the Rust Belt City's center.
Dec 16, 2004   Syracuse Post Standard
An investigation shows how New York State officials put politics before planning in a scheme to develop the Erie Canal.
Dec 8, 2004   Syracuse Post Standard
Andres Duany talks about how cities rise and fall.
Nov 3, 2004   Syracuse Post Standard
The Syracuse Hunger Project is an effort to produce maps that identify city neighborhoods with the greatest needs and their geographic relationship available resources.
Nov 25, 2003   Syracuse Post Standard
Pyramid Corporation breaks ground on a regional entertainment center in Syracuse, NY.
Oct 26, 2002   Syracuse Post Standard
Destiny USA, with 15 million square-feet at a cost of $2.2 billion, could be the largest retail and entertainment complex in North America.
Oct 23, 2002   Syracuse Post Standard
If granted, the mall expansion in Onondaga County, NY, would be eligible for property tax refunds.
Nov 28, 2001   Syracuse Post Standard