San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio's soon-to-be-adopted air quality plan will focus on transportation to reduce the city's air pollution.
Jul 25, 2015   San Antonio Express-News
Businesses and residents in San Antonio are celebrating what a temporary makeover of Alamo Plaza last weekend revealed about the potential to bring locals back to the city's tourist mecca.
Aug 22, 2012   San Antonio Express-News
San Antonio, Texas, is partnering with business and nonprofit groups on a project aimed at curbing homelessness.
May 13, 2010   San Antonio Express-News
San Antonio's River Walk is getting a new stretch of revitalized riverfront, but it's neither the utilitarian drainage ditch of the past nor the heavily sculpted tourist attraction of recent years.
Mar 12, 2010   San Antonio Express-News
Hundreds marched in San Antonio, Texas, in defiance of new street procession fees that the organizations believe will stifle free speech.
Aug 12, 2009   San Antonio Express-News
Alamo Heights, a suburb of San Antonio, grapples with whether to adopt a "New Urbanist" (but slightly more traditional) approach to its major thoroughfare to improve pedestrian and bicycle access.
May 29, 2009   San Antonio Express-News
Officials in San Antonio say they've closed a legal loophole that allowed developers to clear trees for ranching or farming.
Apr 8, 2009   San Antonio Express-News
<p>Uncertainty about funding new tracks has created a delay in the development of a commuter rail system in the Austin-San Antonio region.</p>
Sep 13, 2007   San Antonio Express-News
<p>Deciding where bus routes should go isn't an easy job.</p>
Jul 16, 2007   San Antonio Express-News
<p>Developers in the city's booming downtown are pushing to change the rules originally enacted to preserve view corridors to the Texas State Capitol Dome.</p>
Jan 16, 2007   San Antonio Express-News
An editorial on how Disneyland has influenced our notions of how towns should look.
Aug 3, 2005   San Antonio Express-News