City Journal

Aaron M. Renn has written a scathing review of the state of affairs in Rhode Island, which he describes as a result of decades of unfettered "blue state" policies.
Jun 10, 2014   City Journal
Bogotá, Colombia changed public opinion about jaywalking by putting mimes on the street to mock people who crossed illegally. Paul Romer of Stanford looks at other interventions that changed public opinion when laws couldn't.
Jul 26, 2010   City Journal
This article from <em>City Journal</em> suggests that California's much-reviled Proposition 13 limits on increases in property tax is not at fault for the state's crippling fiscal situation.
Jun 30, 2010   City Journal
Edward L. Glaeser says that historic preservation is preserving countless undeserving structures in New York, which is keeping new buildings and affordable housing from getting built.
Apr 26, 2010   City Journal
Le Corbusier's influence as an architect has spanned generations. Theodore Dalrymple argues he is more appropriately classified as a totalitarian.
Nov 23, 2009   City Journal
In contrast to the classic Burnham plea, Andrew M. Manshel says that planning big often misses the essential nature of the urban experience.
Oct 20, 2009   City Journal
Last week, New York Mayor Bloomberg released a plan to reform transit in the city. City Journal looks at how that might happen and how New York can pay for it.
Aug 10, 2009   City Journal
Howard Husock reads two new books on Jane Jacobs, which he says reveal the unexplored significance of Jacob's activist side, opening the doors to protesting the entire activity of city planning.
Aug 3, 2009   City Journal
Steven Malanga looks back at a century of efforts by Washington to promote homeownership, which he says 'has produced one calamity after another.'
May 8, 2009   City Journal
When it comes to carbon emissions, dense cities are better for the environment than anything else, says economists Edward L. Glaeser of Harvard and Matthew Kahn of UCLA. And right now we're inhibiting building where we should be encouraging it.
Feb 17, 2009   City Journal
If history is any indicator, Senator Obama's presidential plans to pump more federal money into fixing cities' problems are futile and wasteful, according to Steven Malanga.
Oct 29, 2008   City Journal