Tom Paine - Common Sense

The hyper-inflated housing market needs to cool, not collapse.
Aug 30, 2005   Tom Paine - Common Sense
Skyrocketing oil prices, the housing bubble and a radically altered economic landscape point to a need for Democrats to rethink their political strategy.
Aug 14, 2005   Tom Paine - Common Sense
The prospect of dwindling oil supplies and the likelihood of conflict with China over what remains, are increasingly being considered matters of national security.
Aug 9, 2005   Tom Paine - Common Sense
The Energy Bill just passed by Congress has just given $15 billion in subsidies to inefficient, economically non-viable and dangerous energy industries.
Aug 5, 2005   Tom Paine - Common Sense
Fear -- and artificially low interest rates -- may be propping up the global economy.
Jul 7, 2005   Tom Paine - Common Sense
Communities and cities can benefit from a more communal and equitable approach to "ownership", argues Gar Alperovitz, one that embraces cooperatives, land trusts and non-profit neighborhood corporations.
May 24, 2005   Tom Paine - Common Sense
The shadow of an unprecedented energy crisis looms over President Bush's second term in office.
Dec 8, 2004   Tom Paine - Common Sense
With Maine taking on CO2 emission reduction for the state and three New England Governors going to court to get greenhouse gases included in the clean air act, the battle for climate protection is heating up.
Jul 25, 2003   Tom Paine - Common Sense
City and state governments, once ethusiastic purchasers of SUVs as extravagent perks for officials, are kicking the gaz-guzzling habit as face budget deficits.
May 14, 2003   Tom Paine - Common Sense
Minnesotan Democratic Congressman Martin Olav Sabo argues that Bush Administration proposals framed as matters of military readiness and patriotism are just the latest efforts to roll back environmental laws.
Mar 28, 2003   Tom Paine - Common Sense
Jane Holtz Kay, author of "Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back" comments on land use decisions facing the nation from "Ground Zero" to rural sprawl.
Aug 29, 2002   Tom Paine - Common Sense