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Times Union

The New York Thruway Authority will be offering a new "Green Pass" discount plan for motorists who use E-ZPass and drive fuel efficient vehicles, starting this spring.
Mar 26, 2006   Times Union
Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan), whose district includes the stadium site, argues that the governor's plan for an Olympic/Jets Stadium at 34th Street is both fiscally and logistically absurd.
Jun 25, 2004   Times Union
Towers for a wireless emergency system would not be built in wilderness areas.
May 9, 2004   Times Union
Albany County, NY rejects an immunization grant from Wal-Mart in rebuke of retail giant's policies.
Mar 13, 2004   Times Union
James Kunstler's eyesore of the month highlights architectural blunders in his home town in Upstate New York and around the country.
Feb 8, 2004   Times Union
Some residents say big box stores offer convenience but local businesses are worried.
Jan 22, 2004   Times Union
A national demographics firm has determined that New York State's Capital Region is the least stressful large metropolitan area in the U.S.
Jan 12, 2004   Times Union
In Albany, NY, a large national hotel developer plans to build a 124-room hotel next to the habitat of the endangered Karner blue butterfly.
Dec 31, 2003   Times Union
A special use permit for a proposed Buddhist retreat has the community asking, what would Jesus do?
Dec 30, 2003   Times Union
Drivers say cobblestone intersections are slippery and dangerous but New York State Dept. of Transportation says they are aesthetic enhancements that serve as a "traffic calming method."
Oct 29, 2003   Times Union
The Environmental Protection Agency is working overtime to scuttle the Clean Air Act -- in effect, trashing the environment.
Aug 31, 2003   Times Union