Times Union

The New York Thruway Authority will be offering a new "Green Pass" discount plan for motorists who use E-ZPass and drive fuel efficient vehicles, starting this spring.
Mar 26, 2006   Times Union
Letter to the editor calls for "common sense" in Washington regarding the future of Amtrak.
Nov 27, 2005   Times Union
Albany institutions of higher education contribute funds to lure workers to buy homes in near-campus neighborhoods.
Jun 4, 2005   Times Union
How communities across the nation fill in the void left behind when large retail stores leave.
Mar 23, 2005   Times Union
Despite rising revenues, New York's Thruway Authority says fare hikes needed to pay for projects.
Mar 12, 2005   Times Union
Baby boomers who moved out of cities when they had kids, are now moving back.
Dec 13, 2004   Times Union
In both New York and Massachusetts taller guard rails and Jersey barriers are being used along highways to provide protection from larger and taller vehicles.
Oct 27, 2004   Times Union
legality of GPS devices being used by law enforcement without a warrant is questioned.
Oct 6, 2004   Times Union
Plans for upgrading a critical but aging Hudson River bridge could include a passenger rail link.
Aug 9, 2004   Times Union
Proposed direct rail link John F. Kennedy Airport to Lower Manhattan.
Jul 31, 2004   Times Union
New York State DOT has begun to build roundabouts throughout the State to improve road safety, but the public is not yet convinced.
Jul 7, 2004   Times Union