National Real Estate Investor

Last week, a panel of retailers and developers discussed the challenges--and, ultimately, the keys to success--of urban retail. Susan Piperato reports.
Dec 10, 2011   National Real Estate Investor
Counter-intuitively, Natl. Real Estate Investor says that sales in physical stores is supported by increases in broadband, and therefore the internet seems to enhance retail sales in shops.
May 3, 2011   National Real Estate Investor
Norwood, Ohio lost 4,000 jobs and gained an empty industrial site back in 1987 when GM left town. "In the long run, it was the best thing that ever happened," says Mayor Tom Williams.
Nov 14, 2009   National Real Estate Investor
The newly passed stimulus bill's sustainability elements are blessings for green builders and environmentalists. As far as commercial property owners are concerned, however, those elements may be seen as too much work for little benefit.
Feb 4, 2009   National Real Estate Investor
<p>Many mixed-use projects have been popping up recently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Many say this trend is fueled mainly by a population influx of New Orleans evacuees and new development incentives.</p>
Mar 15, 2007   National Real Estate Investor
Experts speculate that as record amounts of investment continue to pour into the commercial real estate industry, infrastructure represents the next big frontier for real estate investors.
Jun 1, 2006   National Real Estate Investor
Federal regulators have cleared two national banks to develop office and hotel properties -- actions long barred by the Treasury Department. What does this imply for the development environment?
Jan 20, 2006   National Real Estate Investor
North America's mega mall is migrating northward, with the largest new retail project in North America planned near Montreal.
Mar 19, 2005   National Real Estate Investor
In what could be the largest single shopping center portfolio offer in history, CalPERS is selling 92 properties with a value of $2.8 billion.
Jan 27, 2005   National Real Estate Investor
Chicago's recently-opened Millennium Park has transformed Chicago's East Loop into a thriving (and profitable) neighborhood.
Oct 18, 2004   National Real Estate Investor
Alter Group's 2 million sq. ft. development, nation's largest ever on Native American Land, is expected to create up to 15,000 new jobs.
Sep 5, 2003   National Real Estate Investor