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The pavement along Old Route 66 in New Mexico will now play "America the Beautiful"—but only if you're driving the posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour.
Oct 28, 2014   ABC News
<p>The new plan would transform Sydney's White Bay into an environmentally-friendly community designed to mitigate the city's ecological impact and combat global warming.</p>
Jun 8, 2007   ABC News
<p>The desire for slower pace, more security and the ability to carry out transactions from anywhere via the internet are fueling a renewed interest in rural living.</p>
Mar 7, 2007   ABC News
<p>A new Internet start-up hopes to become the eBay for parking spaces by allowing people to find and trade parking online.</p>
Dec 15, 2006   ABC News
After the Supreme Court's "Kelo" decisions, ballot referendums seek to restrict local governments' power.
Oct 3, 2006   ABC News
Vegetation covered roofs, which help save energy and reduce runoff, are sprouting up in major cities across North America.
Jul 21, 2006   ABC News
Sixty percent of people who enter the US from Mexico at the San Diego border would pay a toll for a speedier trip.
Apr 15, 2005   ABC News
The City of Berkeley takes the University of California at Berkeley to court over 15-year growth plan.
Feb 24, 2005   ABC News
Traffic is worst in big cities and suburbs, and 50% feel it is worse than 5 years ago, according to an ABC traffic poll.
Feb 21, 2005   ABC News
20/20 reporter John Stossel explores the "myth that urban sprawl is ruining America."
Jan 30, 2005   ABC News
'Wham-Bam-Tram'and 'Streetcar Named Disaster' are some the nicknames given to the Houston's new light rail line between downtown and the Astrodome.
Aug 9, 2004   ABC News