Philadelphia City Paper

Ryan Briggs reports on the state of the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment—although zoning reform was a promise of Mayor Michael Nutter's administration, Briggs finds that inconsistency and mysterious politics still mar the board's decisions.
Jul 11, 2014   Philadelphia City Paper
An architectural consultant outlines the city's need to connect its historical treasures.
Dec 3, 2004   Philadelphia City Paper
In Philadelphia, the sale of downtown green space to developers has some apprehensive at the rate of urbanization. [Link corrected.]
Feb 5, 2004   Philadelphia City Paper
A review of the best green techniques for the urban environment.
Dec 28, 2003   Philadelphia City Paper
With the rise of ugly awnings and boring boxes, our streets need creative signage now more than ever.
Oct 24, 2003   Philadelphia City Paper
A commuter enumerates 9 reasons why she loves taking the trolley to work.
Jun 29, 2003   Philadelphia City Paper
Four examples of the impact of historic preservation on economic development.
May 10, 2003   Philadelphia City Paper
Philadelphia's Neighborhood Transformation Program advocates the demolition of vacant buildings, whether they are historic or not.
Oct 12, 2002   Philadelphia City Paper
Kimmel Center officials haven’t taken even the simplest steps to promote public transit to visitors.
Jan 11, 2002   Philadelphia City Paper
Lack of regional planning in Philadelphia promotes both sprawl and decay, according to the Metropolitan Philadelphia Policy Center's Flight or Fight report.
Jan 10, 2002   Philadelphia City Paper
More than 20 U.S. cities have revived streetcar service and the competition for federal funds is fierce. Philadelphia has an edge over most other cities...
Nov 30, 2001   Philadelphia City Paper