Philadelphia City Paper

Forever plagued with issues, from lack of funding to a lack of political support, Philadelphia's SEPTA mass-transit network is (again) on the verge of collapse.
Jun 22, 2012   Philadelphia City Paper
In Philadelphia, small non-profits can force payment from area businesses and owners through Business Improvement District regulations.
Feb 15, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
As Mayor John Street's eight-year term comes to a close, it's clear he has accomplished much locally, but how much has the city's reputation really improved?
Feb 6, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
Creative class or not, Philadelphia artists are making a tangible impact on the city's neighborhoods, with support from major donors, and developers looking to cash in.
Feb 1, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
Members of an underfunded Philadelphia neighborhood protest the gaming investment when basic services, such as a hospital, are lacking.
Feb 1, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
Historic preservation and urban revitalization may seem perfect pairs, but the two rarely meet as often as they should.
May 23, 2005   Philadelphia City Paper
A community garden and park on a former brownfield has enriched a neighborhood.
Apr 29, 2005   Philadelphia City Paper
Why do long-time residents of a traditional rowhouse neighborhood resent garages?
Apr 1, 2005   Philadelphia City Paper
Philadelphia has joined a growing list of cities banning smoking in all bars and restaurants.
Feb 4, 2005   Philadelphia City Paper
Can a detention center peacefully coexist with neighbors?
Feb 3, 2005   Philadelphia City Paper
An architectural consultant outlines the city's need to connect its historical treasures.
Dec 3, 2004   Philadelphia City Paper