Philadelphia City Paper

Ryan Briggs reports on the state of the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment—although zoning reform was a promise of Mayor Michael Nutter's administration, Briggs finds that inconsistency and mysterious politics still mar the board's decisions.
Jul 11, 2014   Philadelphia City Paper
Forever plagued with issues, from lack of funding to a lack of political support, Philadelphia's SEPTA mass-transit network is (again) on the verge of collapse.
Jun 22, 2012   Philadelphia City Paper
<p>Many citizens have voiced concerns over approved developments in Philadelphia. As zoning issues take center stage in public hearings and disputes, the city readies itself for a May vote to create a zoning commission that will revise the process.</p>
Feb 18, 2007   Philadelphia City Paper
The Philadelphia City Paper lists 10 ways global warming could really "hit home".
May 29, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
Local gas station owners are hurt as much or more than consumers by high gas prices, as they lose business when gas companies force them to raise their prices.
May 29, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
An unlikely partnership between community gardeners and local prison inmates will help feed the over one fifth of the city living below the poverty line.
May 1, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
The City of Philadelphia plans to partner with a church to construct a shelter near the well-off Chestnut Hill neighborhood. Current residents aren't having it.
Apr 21, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
Despite apparent problems at a biosolids processing facility in Philadelphia, employees maintain that the place is safe and should continue operation.
Mar 31, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
In Philadelphia, 200,000 tons of dried human waste could be the cause of numerous health problems for area residents, from asthma to cancer.
Mar 18, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
A federally funded program provides low-income commuters, who regularly need three-hours or more on public transit in order to reach suburban jobs, with faster, more feasible options.
Mar 11, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper
The Philadelphia City Paper chronicles unprecedented enthusiasm for filling the lowest level elected positions in the city, answering questions about how the upcoming election could have a big impact on local politics.
Mar 4, 2006   Philadelphia City Paper