Technology Review

Conor Myhrvold writes about the application of remote sensing technology to the search for ancient South American cities reclaimed by time and nature.
Jun 13, 2012   Technology Review
GPS data from over 30,000 Beijing cabs have provided researchers at Microsoft Research Asia glimpses into underlying causes of congestion in the city. Typically, the culprit is missing or flawed connections.
Sep 28, 2011   Technology Review
A new study of how people are using the French bikesharing system in Lyon provides ample data for American planners hoping implementing similar systems, and reveals that bicycles are faster and more effective than cars in dowtown commutes.
Dec 2, 2010   Technology Review
A new journal article by Eric Fraser assesses what went wrong with plans to bring wireless Internet access to the masses, finding that a hostile regulatory environment trumps even the best-laid plans.
Oct 8, 2010   Technology Review
Policies that encourage density as a way to reduce carbon emissions won't be able to play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions in time to counteract global warming, according to a new report from the National Academy of Sciences.
Sep 3, 2009   Technology Review
Masdar City, the elaborate and ambitious planned green development in Abu Dhabi, is slowing coming into shape. This piece from <em>Technology Review</em> looks at how the city's development could inform the future of citybuilding.
Feb 25, 2009   Technology Review
<p>A new online visual mapping tool enables users to virtually tour places from a pedestrian's perspective online.</p>
Nov 2, 2007   Technology Review
A partnership between Southern California Edison and Stirling Energy Systems will result in the largest solar farm in the United States.
Sep 8, 2005   Technology Review
Google's four-month old mapping service is being used in interesting ways to display a wide variety of demographic information.
Jun 13, 2005   Technology Review
Daniel Charles offers a fascinating introduction to GIS and the field's apparently shady origins.
May 29, 2005   Technology Review
Stewart Brand believes that environmentalists should rethink their positions on population growth, urbanization, genetically modified crops, and nuclear power.
Apr 25, 2005   Technology Review