Michigan Live

Plans are submitted in national Planning and Design contest.
Apr 29, 2005   Michigan Live
Farmers and tility companies explore tapping wind energy potential of farmlands.
Mar 7, 2005   Michigan Live
Planning schools from around the country take part in a design competition.
Feb 6, 2005   Michigan Live
Jackson, Michigan opens a contest for college students to create a vision for the downtown's west end.
Oct 25, 2004   Michigan Live
Proposal for green space trail through downtown Ann Arbor includes bike and foot paths.
Oct 20, 2004   Michigan Live
An interview with Doug Kelbaugh, dean of the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.
May 4, 2004   Michigan Live
For Kalamazoo, efforts to be a 'cool city' are a solid economic development strategy.
Feb 23, 2004   Michigan Live
Is Flint's economic development manager a savior or a sham? Economic development success can be hard to measure.
Aug 11, 2003   Michigan Live
A new study analyzes how Michigan spent its transportation funding.
Jun 25, 2003   Michigan Live
Land use is a critical issue in Michigan and
Mar 23, 2003   Michigan Live
The Great Lakes Commission is considering a resolution to make Lake St. Clair the sixth Great Lake. The status could bring in federal funding and benefit shipping.
Oct 6, 2002   Michigan Live