Willamette Week

Willamette Week interviews U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon about the shenanigans going on behind-the-scenes of the newly-approved Transportation Bill.
Jul 6, 2012   Willamette Week
Figures from a new report indicate that cycling is on the decline in Portland, widely considered America's top biking city.
Dec 16, 2009   Willamette Week
<p>Despite its reputation as one of the country's most bike-friendly cities, Portland could and should do much more to make cycling a safe and viable transportation option, according to this article.</p>
Nov 6, 2007   Willamette Week
<p>Everybody loves Portland, but this article from <em>Willamette Week</em> deconstructs the media crush on the city from inside its borders.</p>
Nov 2, 2007   Willamette Week
Despite a drop in Men's Fitness magazine's standings, Portlanders have their chin up about exercise.
Jan 25, 2006   Willamette Week
Portland activists are trying to preserve a seven-acre community farm as a model for environmentally sound living.
Jan 1, 2006   Willamette Week
Is Starbucks guilty of ruining neighborhoods and destroying local businesses?
May 27, 2004   Willamette Week
Portland's Linux geeks are digging in for a battle against Seattle's Microsoft.
Feb 5, 2004   Willamette Week
Portland's weekly magazine reports on the link between sprawl and obesity in Oregon.
Jan 16, 2004   Willamette Week
What happens when an European streetcar system is installed in an American city? Portland, OR, is making a dramatic effort to apply European planning ideas in an American context.
Jul 26, 2001   Willamette Week