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Advocates of inclusionary zoning have something to smile about. A new report from the Rand Corporation confirms that the housing produced by these zoning policies does in fact create or preserve affordable housing in areas of low poverty.
Jan 24, 2013   Shelterforce Online
In weak market cities where cynicism and dysfunction have become the norm, it takes a different kind of organizing to bring people together to demand change.
Apr 29, 2005   Shelterforce Online
How one innovative economic development program is challenging stereotypes, and providing job training and housing rehab along the way.
Jan 17, 2004   Shelterforce Online
The president of the National Housing Institute looks at how community development is portrayed on the silver screen, and how it affects the work of urban planners.
Jan 11, 2004   Shelterforce Online
While CDCs are focused on trying to revitalize neighborhoods, what makes them tick behind the scenes?
Jul 6, 2003   Shelterforce Online
A recent attack from the Right prompts an appreciation of the venerable grassroots organization, ACORN.
Jul 3, 2003   Shelterforce Online
National momentum can't substitute for hard organizing work at the local level, but sometimes it can set the stage -- or provide a needed burst of energy.
Jul 2, 2003   Shelterforce Online
What happens when an oppressed community moves into a neighborhood where another oppressed community lives – and starts gentrifying it?
Jul 1, 2003   Shelterforce Online
Kenneth Reardon recounts the decade-long successful effort to revitalize the once-devestated East St. Louis community.
May 23, 2003   Shelterforce Online
A longtime activist assesses the Millennial Housing Commission report's questionable assumptions and remedies, and the real solutions that were ignored.
Sep 23, 2002   Shelterforce Online
Despite active affordable housing efforts, Cambridge suffers after rent control ends.
Jul 23, 2001   Shelterforce Online