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Advocates of inclusionary zoning have something to smile about. A new report from the Rand Corporation confirms that the housing produced by these zoning policies does in fact create or preserve affordable housing in areas of low poverty.
Jan 24, 2013   Shelterforce Online
<p>Manufactured-home communities, long vulnerable to displacement at the whim of park owners, are working with nonprofit partners to increase resident ownership of the land.</p>
May 10, 2007   Shelterforce Online
<p>When luxury condo developers started buying up properties on W Street in D.C., the low-income tenants who already lived there decided to get in the game.</p>
May 9, 2007   Shelterforce Online
The impact of segregation endures in a Mississippi coast town, where an African-American community is working to protect its environment, housing and history.
Aug 31, 2005   Shelterforce Online
Financial help from business owners, matched by public dollars, enables hundreds of people to live close to their jobs in Chicago. The idea is catching on.
Jul 28, 2005   Shelterforce Online
Hope Community Inc. organized residents to discuss and plan the future of a local park, allowing them to control the change in their neighborhood.
Jul 19, 2005   Shelterforce Online
Is it good for the community? The neighborhood? The block? These are the questions that drive decisions in one city&#146;s housing court.
Jul 12, 2005   Shelterforce Online
The rise and fall of the Chicago Association of Neighborhood Development Organizations illustrates the challenges facing advocacy organizations when they shift to service delivery.
Jun 29, 2005   Shelterforce Online
Environmental justice and tenant advocates aren&#146;t waiting for legislators to write tougher policies to protect people from lead paint, mold and other hazards in their homes. They are getting together to document these problems &#150; and winning
May 23, 2005   Shelterforce Online
The Thompson v. HUD court ruling found that the department was liable in the concentration of poor minorities in certain areas of Baltimore. What steps can HUD take to remedy the situation and desegregate the country&#146;s public housing?
May 11, 2005   Shelterforce Online
Cities and neighborhoods in decline should consider adopting strategies that will change their housing markets for the better, and at the same time preserve affordability.
May 5, 2005   Shelterforce Online