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Looking for a case study of bike licensing programs, which are sometimes recommended as programs to reduce thefts and increase bike safety? The city of Regina in Canada is ready to ditch its license program.
Apr 12, 2015   CBC News
<p>The 20-year plan proposes an airport rail link, extensions to the transit system and the bicycle network, new streetcar lines, and tolls on major highways and bridge links to the island. City council will vote on this plan in the fall.</p>
May 18, 2007   CBC News
<p>A researcher has cited the preponderance of luxury amenities in cars as decreasing the amount of carpoolers and making it easier for drivers to "adapt" to and accept gridlock.</p>
Apr 5, 2007   CBC News
Tofino, a resort community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, is experiencing a severe water shortage due to its rapid development.
Aug 29, 2006   CBC News
The city, which has gained attention for its downtown development strategies, is getting a new planning boss.
Jul 23, 2006   CBC News
'Projet Montr&#233;al', is a new municipal political party founded in November, 2004, and based on sustainability.
Nov 11, 2004   CBC News
Architects crown Taipei 101 the world's tallest building.
Oct 9, 2004   CBC News
Canadian cities are lobbying for a new relationship with the federal government.
Jan 26, 2004   CBC News
Canada's largest public housing project is about to be razed and rebuilt, with significant input from its residents.
Jan 10, 2004   CBC News
Artists and authors from across the country share their vision of the future for Canada's cities.
Jan 9, 2004   CBC News
General Motors is abandoning the EV1 electric vehicle.
Mar 12, 2003   CBC News