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The state of Washington is navigating the complex politics of wildlife protection—in this case, wildlife means the territory of an estimated 16 wolf packs.
Dec 16, 2015   High Country News
High Country News reports on Fresno's infamous Taco Flat in this 4-pager. Seattle's Nickelsville and Portland's Dignity Village are held up as better examples of squatter settlements. Architecture and 'informal urbanism' of tent cities is examined.
Apr 9, 2009   High Country News
<p>As logging declines in Colorado forests, developers are preparing to build in pockets wedged in-between parkland. The proper use of historic easements is at the center of the debate.</p>
Jun 9, 2008   High Country News
<p>With few options for obtaining more water, the small community of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, is going to replenish its dwindling water supplies by treating and recycling its own wastewater.</p>
Sep 19, 2007   High Country News
Libertarians are pushing ballot initiatives in six Western states to vastly reduce the government's power to regulate land uses. The initiatives seek to limit regulatory takings of land by requiring the government to compensate owners for any losses.
Aug 7, 2006   High Country News
Many plans are underway in rethinking Denver's future -- from a new light rail service to high-density developments and new, mixed-use neighborhoods.
Dec 7, 2005   High Country News
In California's Central Valley, farmers form a strategy for steering growth.
Jan 4, 2003   High Country News
The razing of a luxury apartment complex in Florida has heartened environmentalists in their aim to keep out a Wal-Mart, Hernando Today reports.
Sep 17, 2002   High Country News
The rush to develop energy in the Rocky Mountain West creates conflict between private surface and sub-surface property rights.
Sep 12, 2002   High Country News
In California, a new Forest Service plan for the Sierra Nevada gives precedence to endangered species, trees, and streams over logging, recreation, and other uses.
Aug 30, 2001   High Country News
As Arizona struggles with sprawl, the battle over state trust lands is heating up.
Aug 3, 2001   High Country News