Louisville Courier-Journal

<p>Jerry Abramson, mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, has announced plans to invest $100,000 in creating a pedestrian plan for his city.</p>
Dec 12, 2007   Louisville Courier-Journal
<p>Officials in Louisville, Kentucky, are considering joining the 22 other cities across the country that have adopted a 'complete' streets policy to ensure roads aren't built solely for cars.</p>
Mar 9, 2007   Louisville Courier-Journal
Architectural styles, affordability, convenience, walkability, and economic development are the foci of this "Main Street" event.
May 3, 2006   Louisville Courier-Journal
Louisville, KY, plans a 15-year $20 million upgrade of its park system, expanding it to its suburbs.
Feb 24, 2005   Louisville Courier-Journal
A comprehensive survey of Louisville, Kentucky&#146;s historic structures could halt last-minute battles between developers and preservationists.
Oct 30, 2004   Louisville Courier-Journal
Infringing on property rights or preserving local architectural styles? More Louisville, KY neighborhoods are establishing historic preservation districts in an effort to protect their distinctive character.
Jul 19, 2004   Louisville Courier-Journal
Louisville is set to transform their ailing downtown Galleria into a mix of retail and entertainment.
Mar 14, 2003   Louisville Courier-Journal
Louisville proposes an Urban Services District that would deliver the same services to residents in Louisville's old city limits without raising taxes.
Jan 10, 2003   Louisville Courier-Journal
Leaving the Downtown was not just a post-WWII phenomenon.
Dec 11, 2002   Louisville Courier-Journal
City-county merger and Cornerstone 2020 result in design regulations for all proposed commercial and residential developments.
Oct 9, 2002   Louisville Courier-Journal
Passenger trains returned to downtown Louisville when the Kentucky Cardinal pulled into Union Station and was greeted by a crowd of more than 250.
Dec 5, 2001   Louisville Courier-Journal