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Claire Easley talks with the "godfather of green," Jerry Yudelson, about the "megatrends" to watch for in the Green Building industry over the next year.
Jan 27, 2012   Builder Magazine
Builder Magazine picks their 10 Residential Design Trends for 2011, which include smaller houses, green building, a farm-to-table influence in the kitchen, and a walkable, village feel.
Dec 27, 2010   Builder Magazine
While builders still see social media as "consuming to sustain and difficult to track", they are experimenting more and more with unconventional ways to connect with potential buyers over the Internet.
Nov 22, 2010   Builder Magazine
The factors that make homes attractive to buyers have changed considerably since the market crash, says Builder Magazine, which features three homes that exemplify the new realities of the market.
Oct 14, 2010   Builder Magazine
Builder Magazine looks at ten master-planned developments that sold well in a market that has dwindled through the recession.
Aug 29, 2010   Builder Magazine
Boyce Thompson of Builder Magazine says that the newer floor models from homebuilders purposely understate their amenities to create the perception of value.
Jun 4, 2010   Builder Magazine
Urban redevelopment has experienced significant growth over the past five years, while residential permits are on the wane.
Apr 10, 2010   Builder Magazine
In an interview with Builder Magazine, Andrés Duany says that citizen participation in one of the biggest roadblocks to smart growth, because people don't understand the benefits yet.
Dec 18, 2009   Builder Magazine
The U.S. Senate has approved an extension of the tax credit for 1st time homebuyers, which is set to expire in November. The House could vote on Thursday.
Nov 6, 2009   Builder Magazine
A lot has changed since February, so Builder Magazine has revised its list of the Top 10 Housing Markets in the country for 2009. The Bottom 10 are, of course, also featured.
Oct 8, 2009   Builder Magazine
The Federal Reserve announced that 32% of loan applications were denied last year, and applications on the whole were down by a third from 2007.
Oct 1, 2009   Builder Magazine