Winston-Salem Journal

To kick off its Legacy Plan update process, the Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, NC planning board made a music video featuring an original song, a bluegrass band and some familiar scenes.
Mar 28, 2011   Winston-Salem Journal
North Carolina city dwellers have taken eating locally to a new level by raising their own chickens for eggs. Controversy ensues.
Nov 12, 2008   Winston-Salem Journal
BB&T, the country's ninth-largest bank, announces that it will not make commercial loans to developers who plan private projects on land seized via eminent domain.
Jan 30, 2006   Winston-Salem Journal
Small NC town changes zoning ordinance to accomodate Walmart.
Jul 6, 2004   Winston-Salem Journal
In a city where big-box retail has been approved without much discussion for years, the Planning Board of Winston-Salem, NC, sends a message that the community may be ready to take a different path.
May 16, 2004   Winston-Salem Journal
Two planning experts say schools built too far from neighborhoods make sprawl worse.
Sep 16, 2003   Winston-Salem Journal
Geogria residents are moving into the mountain forests of Western North Carolina to escape Atlanta's urban sprawl.
Jul 9, 2001   Winston-Salem Journal
Winston-Salem has its own high-profile new urbanist architects that have started a most unlikely design revolution.
May 30, 2001   Winston-Salem Journal