Lodi News-Sentinel

<p>A city councilwoman in Galt, south of Sacramento, is cited for violating city code rules on watering. That's despite the fact that the City Council had urged the public to water and care for lawns at foreclosed homes.</p>
Jun 8, 2008   Lodi News-Sentinel
Richard Jackson says that planning is geared too much toward driving convenience.
Apr 9, 2005   Lodi News-Sentinel
Columnist Joe Guzzardi examines the development and growth in Lodi, CA, and concludes that it's not smart.
Jul 21, 2003   Lodi News-Sentinel
At the Critical Issues Conference on land use planning, Jerry Brown, Oakland mayor and former governor, used humor to draw attention to planning issues.
May 25, 2001   Lodi News-Sentinel