Portland Press Herald

A Democrat and a Republican who serve on Maine's Joint Standing Committee on Transportation make a strong case for "finding the money" to keep roads, bridges, rail lines, and ports in good repair. They skirt around the issue of raising taxes though.
Jun 15, 2014   Portland Press Herald
The nation's largest landowner, Plum Creek Timber Co., is entering a legal battle with environmental groups over its proposal to create the largest development in Maine's history.
Aug 15, 2006   Portland Press Herald
The City of Portland, Maine, might join other cities around the country by lowering its parking requirements in exchange for a fee from developers.
Jun 26, 2006   Portland Press Herald
Former NBA star Christian Laettner's development company, Blue Devil Ventures, is working with state and local officials to revitalize the Kennebec Arsenal, a historic parcel of land across the Kennebec River from Augusta's downtown.
Apr 18, 2006   Portland Press Herald
The fifth and final article in a weeklong series on the City of Portland, chronicles the widespread changes sweeping through this small, but dynamic city on the Maine coast.
Nov 25, 2005   Portland Press Herald
The first article in a week-long series examines how Portland, Maine's growing reputation as one of the most livable cities in the United States is quickly altering the social demographics of a once working and middle class city.
Nov 21, 2005   Portland Press Herald
The first segment of an 18-mile multi-use trail opens in Benton, Maine.
Oct 24, 2005   Portland Press Herald
Just months after the Pentagon announced that they would close the Brunswick Naval Air Station, The State of Maine and the towns of Brunswick and Topsham have moved quickly to begin the redevelopment process.
Oct 8, 2005   Portland Press Herald
In order to preserve its working waterfront, the City of Portland, ME, must balance the pressures of urban redevelopment in the city's thriving Old Port district with the needs of the fishermen who have worked there for centuries.
Sep 18, 2005   Portland Press Herald
Roxanne Quimby, who recently sold her Burt's Bees empire for $175 Million, has a vision for a world-class village green in one of Maine's most picturesque harbors.
Sep 1, 2005   Portland Press Herald
The only remaining active Shaker community in the world has teamed up with 10 other conservation and preservation groups to curb sprawl and preserve their heritage.
Aug 17, 2005   Portland Press Herald