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A revival of small, neighborhood retailers could be an important strategy for countering climate change, enticing people to run errands without driving their cars.
Aug 22, 2009   Grist Magazine
<p>Doug Farr, widely known as a leader in the United States green building movement, is shifting his focus from single buildings to entire neighborhoods.</p>
Oct 14, 2006   Grist Magazine
An interview with J. Matthew Sleeth, evangelical environmentalist and author.
Oct 14, 2006   Grist Magazine
"To conservative Christians, environmentalism was a dirty word -- it stank of paganism, of interference with the free market, of the sixties. Meanwhile, many environmentalists were more secular than the American norm, and often infected with the notion spread by the historian Lynn White in his famous 1967 essay, "The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis," that Christianity lay at the root of ecological devastation. Everyone, in short, was scared of everyone else. But there were a few lights starting to shine in that gloom."
Oct 12, 2006   Grist Magazine
Legendary journalist Bill Moyers on the growing environmental consciousness of conservative evangelical Christians.
Oct 10, 2006   Grist Magazine
Huston Eubank, director of the World Green Building Council, answers Grist's questions.
Sep 25, 2006   Grist Magazine
Old amusement parks don't die, they just ... become housing.
Aug 23, 2006   Grist Magazine
Controversial technique by mining companies of dynamiting moutaintops to get at coal destroys more than the environment.
Aug 4, 2006   Grist Magazine
Ethan Goffman profiles the "Green House" exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.
Jul 22, 2006   Grist Magazine
Former journalist Anthony Flint discusses his new book, which chronicle of the fledgling smart-growth movement and the challenges it faces. Some see Flint as a moderate voice in the highly-charged debate.
Jul 11, 2006   Grist Magazine
Auden Schendler wonders why you can't buy an eco-friendly house in any average subdivision in America.
Jun 17, 2006   Grist Magazine