St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"The St. Louis region doesn’t face the prospect, as Western states do, of running out of water," according to Jacob Barker. But the region is facing a water problem: "aging infrastructure and capital spending that isn’t keeping up."
Aug 27, 2014   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
<p>After 100 years, progress marches on to bulldoze the suburban St. Louis neighborhood of Hadley Township.</p>
Nov 13, 2006   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Through reliance on tax revenue and tax increment financing (TIF) projects, small cities must attract developers to sustain themselves, according to this op-ed.
Apr 5, 2006   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Lifestyles, high gas prices, and the Smart Commute Initiatve combine to provide ample incentive to ride transit in St. Louis.
May 3, 2005   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Since 1999, more than 1,000 loft units have opened with more than 600 units under construction, and almost double that amount are expected over the next two years.
Dec 7, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Efforts to protect the largest monument in the United States---the Gateway Arch in St. Louis---from terrorist attacks are complicated by architectural criticisms and lack of opportunity for public comment.
Jul 28, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Struggling to halt the planned demolition of the 108-year-old Century Building, St. Louis preservationists find themselves up against an unexpected adversary---the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Jul 7, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Water buildup from recent thunderstorms causes a sinkhole under man-made Lake Chesterfield.
Jun 12, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
In suburban St. Louis, developers and local officials see denser, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods as land-use possibilities.
Jan 15, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Louis' older suburbs are copying traditional city neighborhoods in an effort to attract residents.
Jan 14, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
People who live in high-density neighborhoods tend to weigh less.
Dec 10, 2003   St. Louis Post-Dispatch