St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A political battle over the Ozark National Scenic Riverways—the largest federal park in Missouri—is heating up. The debate pressures a crucial distinction: how much are protected open spaces for people, and how much are they for protecting.
Feb 13, 2014   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Efforts to protect the largest monument in the United States---the Gateway Arch in St. Louis---from terrorist attacks are complicated by architectural criticisms and lack of opportunity for public comment.
Jul 28, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Struggling to halt the planned demolition of the 108-year-old Century Building, St. Louis preservationists find themselves up against an unexpected adversary---the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Jul 7, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Water buildup from recent thunderstorms causes a sinkhole under man-made Lake Chesterfield.
Jun 12, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
In suburban St. Louis, developers and local officials see denser, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods as land-use possibilities.
Jan 15, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Louis' older suburbs are copying traditional city neighborhoods in an effort to attract residents.
Jan 14, 2004   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
People who live in high-density neighborhoods tend to weigh less.
Dec 10, 2003   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Two St. Louis architects defend Busch Stadium in the face of plans for its demolition and replacement with a 'cheap imitation' of Baltimore's Camden Yards.
Dec 8, 2003   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Building owners and architects are coming up with innovative strategies to protect commercial buildings.
Mar 20, 2003   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co will develop the plan for a $500 million community for St. Charles County, Missouri.
Jan 9, 2003   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Architecture critic Robert W. Duffy does not like the proposed 'retro' design for a new stadium in St. Louis.
Jan 7, 2003   St. Louis Post-Dispatch