Washington Business Journal

Following a Waterfront Small Area Plan adopted in January 2012, Alexandria, Virginia got its first look at proposed designs for the redevelopment of its Old Town waterfront this week.
Apr 11, 2014   Washington Business Journal
A strange scene this week: members of Congress discussing height restrictions in one of the country's largest urban centers. In the end, a House committee approved a bill that would loosen D.C.’s century-old Height of Buildings Act.
Mar 13, 2014   Washington Business Journal
The last decade has brought tremendous growth and prosperity to Washington D.C., but it's neighbor to the north hasn't been so blessed. Planned infrastructure improvements are intended to lure new residents to Baltimore's cheaper cost of living.
Jun 19, 2013   Washington Business Journal
Officials in Virginia have approved a special tax district to raise funding for the extension of the Washington D.C. Metro to Dulles International Airport.
Dec 22, 2009   Washington Business Journal
The Third Church of Christ, Scientist in Washington, D.C., has filed suit against the city to remove the landmark designation on their building, which limits what can be done to alter the site -- or demolish it completely, which is the church's hope.
Aug 9, 2008   Washington Business Journal
<p>Critics worry that cities who require new developments to meet LEED-ND standards will sacrifice affordable housing for sustainability.</p>
May 27, 2008   Washington Business Journal
<p>Business people join with transportation planners in calling for streetcar systems in the Washington D.C. area. Several are in the works.</p>
Nov 28, 2007   Washington Business Journal
<p>With her new role as the head of the Office of Planning, Harriet Tregoning, a pioneer of the smart growth movement, is set on molding Washington D.C. into a more livable city.</p>
Mar 24, 2007   Washington Business Journal
Andy Altman, planning director for Washington D.C., is the 'most sought-after planner in the country.'
Aug 23, 2004   Washington Business Journal
ULI plans to bring together movers and shakers for a new look at regional planning in metropolitan Washington, D.C.
Mar 17, 2004   Washington Business Journal
Redevelopment plans may be stalled by resident action to have Watergate complex designated as a historical landmark.
Feb 26, 2004   Washington Business Journal