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The Town of Kingston, Massachusetts won a lawsuit this week, filed over whether land around the town's commuter rail station was properly rezoned -- but lost the promised developer and a state grant for smart growth in the process.
Sep 24, 2010   The Patriot Ledger
A map of Massachusetts' environmentally critical areas aids efforts to conserve undeveloped land and protect endangered species.
Feb 27, 2002   The Patriot Ledger
State and regional planners keeping an eye on potential traffic choke points as suburban growth continues.
Jan 25, 2002   The Patriot Ledger
The nation's new housing boom is fueled by baby boomers. N
Oct 2, 2001   The Patriot Ledger
Critics claim Massachusetts Community Preservation Act unfairly benefits rich towns.
Jun 9, 2001   The Patriot Ledger
Proposal would let Massachusetts towns ban or restrict powered personal watercraft if they are considered to be an environmental threat.
Mar 31, 2001   The Patriot Ledger