The "Imagining Livability Design Collection" by the AARP Livable Communities and the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute provides a visual portfolio of placemaking solutions that can be implemented quickly, for not too much money.
Jul 20, 2015   AARP
An interview with Joel Russell, executive director of the Form-Based Codes Institute.
Feb 19, 2015   AARP
<p>AARP's annual list of great places to retire focuses on urban areas with amenities that allow seniors to maintain independence -- mixed-use housing, transit, walkable streets.</p>
Jul 25, 2007   AARP
The guide has been expanded and updated for the new 2005 edition, and includes many new chapters and topics.
Jul 1, 2005   AARP
Babay boomers are leaving the suburbs and moving to pedestrian-friendly cities.
Jul 25, 2004   AARP
Baby boomers may be redefining the model for ideal retirement locations. AARP publishes its list of the 15 best places to 'reinvent your life.'
Jul 24, 2003   AARP
Not much attention has been paid to how to make environments livable for older Americans. AARP aims to change that.
Mar 18, 2001   AARP