The "commons" are increasingly falling into the hands of private owners, prompting Jay Walljasper to what it means to have commonly shared spaces in the modern world.
Apr 2, 2011   Terrain
The 107-acre Rosemary Beach's urban design, allows the community to remain lively in color while still an integral part of the town fabric itself.
Dec 1, 2002   Terrain
Peter Forbes of the Trust for Public Land offers an essay about how land conservation can change a community.
Mar 27, 2002   Terrain
Loss of wildlife habitat brought to you by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.
Oct 28, 2001   Terrain
The 209-acre neotraditional town of Orenco Station is transit-oriented, growing from its railway past.
Oct 27, 2001   Terrain
This excerpted chapter is from a "fix-it manual" for citizen planners working on improving their towns or neighborhoods.
Mar 18, 2001   Terrain
"The American left has long had a problem with ecological issues."
Mar 16, 2001   Terrain
A case study of a "conservation community" that successfully uses a set of ten guiding principles to balance growth and open space.
Mar 16, 2001   Terrain