The "commons" are increasingly falling into the hands of private owners, prompting Jay Walljasper to what it means to have commonly shared spaces in the modern world.
Apr 2, 2011   Terrain
<p>Permeable surfaces in Seattle offer ideas on how cities can best deal with the environmental problems of urban runoff.</p>
Oct 24, 2007   Terrain
The award-winning, 28-acre Glenwood Park is a brownfield redevelopment in an infill location that features a mix of well-designed homes and commercial spaces, including a mixed-use "town center."
Sep 13, 2005   Terrain
Online magazine Terrain interviews Architect and urbanist Stefanos Polyzoides.
May 29, 2005   Terrain
A strange new dream began to take real shape and materialize on the desert floor&#151;the Burning Man Art Festival. Includes an essay and slideshow.
May 24, 2005   Terrain
After years of planning, three Sonoran Desert cohousing developments provide lessons about living in the desert.
Mar 16, 2005   Terrain
The first 12 models of homes at Prairie Crossing represent the firstcommunity-scale demonstration project for the U.S. Department ofEnergy's Building America program.
Jan 19, 2005   Terrain
The current issue of Terrain profiles Lenox Village, Nashville's first full-scale traditional neighborhood development.
Sep 22, 2004   Terrain
Simmons Buntin, writer and resident of Civano, a new urbanist and sustainable development in Tucson, Arizona, questins the future of his community.
Sep 20, 2004   Terrain
Horizon West, located in southwest Orange County, Florida, is a new community of mixed-use villages designed to reflect classic principles of Garden Cities and New Urbanism.
Dec 12, 2003   Terrain
How does a community developing a distinct identity and sense of place for itself?
Jun 15, 2003   Terrain