Urban Fold

Anchorage Daily News

In Anchorage, Alaska, planners are rolling out a substantial new version of their zoning code, which includes some design requirements like no blank walls. Business owners are up in arms over the proposed changes.
Feb 21, 2010   Anchorage Daily News
A reporter chronicles his experience taking Ancorage's People Mover bus system and concludes that, if you have time time, it'a a "great bargain."
Sep 27, 2004   Anchorage Daily News
Is smart growth more about nostalgia and less about reality?
Aug 30, 2004   Anchorage Daily News
Anchorage, AK, is trying to decide on an ordinance that limits huge stores but does not scare away developers.
Apr 15, 2001   Anchorage Daily News
The Urban Land Institute will develop creative solutions to the problem of uninspiring and congested housing in Anchorage, Alaska.
Mar 8, 2001   Anchorage Daily News