Boston Herald

Electric cars sap a lot of electricity out of the grid, and many vehicles charging at once can cause unprepared cities to blackout.
Aug 27, 2010   Boston Herald
In an effort to create a more diverse retail base and fill empty units retailers from an International Conference of Shopping Centers were guided through Downtown Crossing, The Rose Kennedy Greenway and South Boston Waterfront.
Jul 16, 2010   Boston Herald
<p>The lengthy list of candidates for the top job at the Boston Redevelopment Agency includes architect and Harvard professor Alex Krieger.</p>
Feb 8, 2007   Boston Herald
<p>A group in Boston's Chinatown has written their own lyrics to some classic Christmas songs to protest the neighborhood's rapid gentrification.</p>
Dec 15, 2006   Boston Herald
State officials got an earful at a hearing held yesterday in Boston regarding their proposal to reevaluate the three remaining transit projects promised as mitigation for the reconstruction of the Central Artery.
Dec 16, 2004   Boston Herald
Economists warn that America has no better than a 10 percent chance of avoiding economic "armageddon."
Nov 26, 2004   Boston Herald
Nat Tipton will become the first professional town planner for Bolton in Eastern Massachusetts.
Oct 18, 2004   Boston Herald
Dot-com Denver saw a 40% increase in demand for handouts as high-tech workers feel the pinch of high unemployment and high housing costs.
Jul 20, 2004   Boston Herald
A new law allows for cities to use eminent domain without first proving a neighborhood is 'blighted.'
Jun 17, 2004   Boston Herald
Gov. Mitt Romney criticized Massachusetts cities for obstructing efforts to build housing and commercial projects.
Oct 22, 2003   Boston Herald
The latest in an incessant debate over the symbolic and literal use of space in the National Mall.
Aug 9, 2003   Boston Herald