Fort Lauderdale joins a national program which will provide $3.7 million to change foreclosed homes into affordable housing.
Jun 8, 2009   Sun-Sentinel
Florida officials say the neotraditional resort is one of the safest places on the Gulf of Mexico.
Jul 15, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
The outcome of the G-8 summit was empty rhetoric about global warming.
Jul 12, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale accidentally built a sidewalk on private property, and has been leasing the property every since.
Jul 8, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
A $100 tax on all new vehicles is at the center of major plans to change the face of rapid transit throughout all of South Florida.
Apr 26, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
Though they want to contain sprawl, Florida's leaders cannot figure out how to pay for it.
Apr 8, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, approved an automated parking garage -- a robotic system that stacks cars in less space than conventional parking garages -- for a downtown loft project.
Apr 6, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
Residents of Northwest Fort Lauderdale gather to voice concerns about gentrification.
Apr 2, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
Florida State Supreme Court ruled that a proposed amendment to Florida's constitution to give voters final say over land use amendments can't go on the 2006 ballot.
Mar 17, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
Why did Palm Beach County voters concerned about congestion, the environment, and rapid development elect pro-growth candidates in municipal elections?
Mar 10, 2005   Sun-Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale uncovers a surprising culprit contributing to blight.
Feb 7, 2005   Sun-Sentinel