Fort Lauderdale joins a national program which will provide $3.7 million to change foreclosed homes into affordable housing.
Jun 8, 2009   Sun-Sentinel
<p>Marjory Stoneman Douglas saved Florida's Everglades, but was impoverished, blind and deaf in old age. Friends seeking to help persuaded the state to buy her property for a museum, letting her stay till she died; now the state wants to sell the land.</p>
Dec 28, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
<p>A new world is emerging midway between Orlando and Tampa along Interstate 4. Some say as soon as 10 years, others, in 20 years, strawberry fields and pastures will be paved over and Tampa to Orlando will be one big metropolitan area.</p>
Dec 13, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
<p>What happens when the professional planning staff advising an elected board disagrees with the conclusions of the elected board, and is required to submit a proposal that the planners opposed to a state regulatory agency for approval?</p>
Nov 16, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
<p>Broward County, Florida, is considering a plan to reduce a growing demand on Everglades water by replenishing groundwater with treated sewage. The plan is generating outcry from environmentalists who worry the sewage won't be treated enough.</p>
Nov 4, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
<p>Condo owners and members of homeowner associations, who are already struggling to pay repairs on uninhabitable storm-damaged units and fighting with their insurance companies for compensation and temporary housing, now face possible foreclosure.</p>
Oct 24, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
Local residents of rural Palm Beach County learned how growth management laws and grass-roots opposition to a 10,000 unit major development can be trumped by lobbyists in the state capital.
Aug 18, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
Sheridan Stationside Village, a $500 million, 40-acre project with a train station as a central component, gained preliminary approval in Hollywood, Florida, despite opposition from the County's school board and nearby residents.
Jul 23, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
A newly adopted affordable housing law in Coral Springs, Florida, includes a teacher village as incentive to attract teachers to a City-owned Charter School.
Jul 14, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
The affordable housing crisis in Florida, arising from the state's booming real estate market, has pushed moderate income residents out of the housing market. Florida's legislature passed a bill in 2006 to create new programs addressing the problem.
Jun 21, 2006   Sun-Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale's mayor condemned a proposed workforce housing ordinance as unfair to developers and 'communistic'. He said people mistakenly think they're entitled to an affordable single family house on a 40-hour work week.
May 22, 2006   Sun-Sentinel