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The country most friendly to electric vehicles is also the country most supportive of senior citizens, not that there's a relationship. After Norway, Sweden is the best place to grow old, according to the just released Global AgeWatch Index.
Oct 8, 2014   BBC News
<p>President Bush approves plans for a 700km border fence between the United States and Mexico, to the dismay of the Mexican government and immigrant advocates.</p>
Oct 27, 2006   BBC News
<p>The Blacksmith Institute has released a list of the 10 most polluted spots on earth. Three of the hotspots are in Russia, with the remainder in various countries.</p>
Oct 23, 2006   BBC News
<p>The Government of Delhi clears several slums on the banks of the Yamuna river to make way for the athletes housing for the 2010 commonwealth games.</p>
Oct 22, 2006   BBC News
<p>Shenzhen and Pudong (near Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively) were developed as Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Now India's plans to fast-tract and focus such development into designated areas have run into opposition from diverse sectors like India's left.</p>
Oct 10, 2006   BBC News
President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, John Holdren believes the threat from global warming is worse than previously believed and crticizes the Bush administration for its response.
Sep 4, 2006   BBC News
Senior researchers at the Centre for Cities discuss whether the UK should look towards Europe or the US when making urban policy.
Aug 23, 2006   BBC News
Blighted and forgotten waterfront areas are on track for development in Scotland using 19th century new towns as inspiration.
Aug 14, 2006   BBC News
With major world cities growing in size and economic power, could the next step be independence?
Jul 18, 2006   BBC News
Mayor Ken Livingston is proposing raising the city's congestion charge for SUVs to £25, while providing discounts for low-emissions vehicles.
Jul 14, 2006   BBC News
As part of a larger, worldwide series, Guardian's architecture critic Dejan Sudjik writes about grand plans for Detroit's turnaround.
Jul 12, 2006   BBC News