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Garden cities have been making news lately thanks to a new book by architect Robert A.M. Stern, but a design competition and policy declarations in the United Kingdom have put some serious skin in the game.
Jun 4, 2014   BBC News
Berlin's Holocaust Memorial is designed by U.S. architect Peter Eisenman.
May 11, 2005   BBC News
Group of U.S. scientists say their study proves that human activities are warming the planet.
May 2, 2005   BBC News
The Bushmen of the Kalahari face eviction after the discovery of diamonds under their land.
Apr 26, 2005   BBC News
Researchers from 95 nations participating in a 4-year study conclude that humans are inflicting irreversible damage to environment and degrading the earth's ability to sustain future generations.
Mar 31, 2005   BBC News
The U.S. Senates voted in favor of allowing oil drilling in Alaska's wildlife refuge
Mar 17, 2005   BBC News
Locally grown food is greener than organic alternatives, according to a British study.
Mar 4, 2005   BBC News
Prince Charles launches an attack on the 'cavalier attitude' of Britain's architects and planners.
Feb 24, 2005   BBC News
An American driver of the popular 'Mini' car relates how it feels to drive next to mamoth SUVs
Feb 22, 2005   BBC News
U.S. scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography present "compelling evidence" of global warming.
Feb 18, 2005   BBC News
In Mumbai, India, slums are being demolished without planning for alternative housing.
Feb 10, 2005   BBC News