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A proud suburban resident defends her neighborhood from the criticisms of city-dwellers. It's not walkable, it's not perfect, but it's home.
Sep 22, 2015   Star Tribune
A 6-acre housing development in the Twin Cities suburb of Mahtomedi exemplifies the battle being waged over the metro area's last pockets of open space.
Jul 8, 2004   Star Tribune
Made with translucent recycled materials, NowHaus homes are nice and environmentally friendly.
Jun 26, 2004   Star Tribune
Mike Dombeck reviews the progress made in 34 years since the first Earth Day.
Apr 22, 2004   Star Tribune
Linda Mack of the Star Tribune reflects on the building boom in Minneapolis in 2003 that seems to have produced more cultural landmarks than office buildings.
Dec 26, 2003   Star Tribune
An excess of telephone, fiber-optic and electrical wires criss-crossing the city is just one of the problems related to the city's recent explosion of technological advancements.
Dec 6, 2003   Star Tribune
Solo drivers could pay up to $3 for use of the "sane lanes."
Nov 6, 2003   Star Tribune
A Minnesota think tank looks to make practical improvements in sprawling communities.
Oct 28, 2003   Star Tribune
Only 24 percent of the cost of St.Paul's roads is borne by driver-generated taxes and fees
Sep 16, 2003   Star Tribune
Ramsey, a city known as a stoplight amid RV dealerships, will break ground on a billion-dollar plan to turn vacant farmland into a transit-oriented urban village.
May 21, 2003   Star Tribune
Thirty years in development, a Minnesota inventor debuted SkyWeb Express, a personal rapid transit (PRT) system that has some people excited about the future of public transit.
Apr 14, 2003   Star Tribune