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Minneapolis is mired in a debate over the role the automobile should play in the city's mobility mix. Many neighborhoods want to reduce surface parking and ease minimum parking requirements, but people still view the city as “a car town.”
Jan 21, 2014   Star Tribune
Thomas L. Friedman writes that the Bush administration's energy policy and the "obsession" to drill for oil in Alaska's wildlife refuge "endangers" the U.S.
Mar 21, 2005   Star Tribune
Marvin Miller has grand plans to transform 600 acres of South Dakota prairie into a new "deaf utopia".
Mar 16, 2005   Star Tribune
Millions of Christian fundamentalists may believe that environmental destruction is not only to be disregarded but actually welcomed -- even hastened -- as a sign of the coming apocalypse
Feb 2, 2005   Star Tribune
Condominiums are the hot new real estate product in the Twin Cities—with nearly 11,000 new units expected in the next few years.
Jan 5, 2005   Star Tribune
The new American dream is being shaped by a growing transit network oflight-rail lines, subways, commuter rail and buses, writes Jennifer Dorn.
Nov 22, 2004   Star Tribune
Governments should get out of the way and let the market drive the real estate industry to smart growth.
Nov 14, 2004   Star Tribune
Minneapolis has created a $108,000-a-year "results manager" position to oversee the city's efforts to be more responsive to its residents.
Oct 5, 2004   Star Tribune
Editorial compares the environmetal records of U.S. presidential candidates.
Oct 3, 2004   Star Tribune
A 6-acre housing development in the Twin Cities suburb of Mahtomedi exemplifies the battle being waged over the metro area's last pockets of open space.
Jul 8, 2004   Star Tribune
Made with translucent recycled materials, NowHaus homes are nice and environmentally friendly.
Jun 26, 2004   Star Tribune