MSNBC gives the NYC Transportation Commissioner the kung fu-like title, as well as calling her "The High Priestess of People-Friendly Cities." [VIDEO]
Dec 6, 2011   MSNBC
MSNBC looks at the demographic and cultural shift away from suburbs and towards downtown.
May 22, 2009   MSNBC
The stimulus plan includes $8 billion for investments in high-speed rail, but some critics point out that this isn't nearly enough to bring these plans to fruition.
Mar 30, 2009   MSNBC
The recession is leading to a surge in demand for homeless shelters and services -- but also a dramatic drop-off in normal sources of funding.
Feb 2, 2009   MSNBC
In the slow recovery from Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is finally getting into the green movement.
Jan 31, 2009   MSNBC
Density gives cities an edge, according to this study of commutes around the world. Hong Kong, Osaka, and Berlin all rank highly.
Dec 29, 2008   MSNBC
Some 12 million households now owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, leading economists to worry that foreclosures will continue to rise.
Oct 10, 2008   MSNBC
Cities around the country are beginning to think twice about having off-street parking requirements for every new development. Those who oppose these "parking minimums" say that it creates too much parking and stifles the growth of cities.
Sep 24, 2008   MSNBC
A large water desalination plant has been approved in Southern California, where water supplies are historically low and the population is high.
Aug 11, 2008   MSNBC
<p>The National Bridge Inventory completed in the wake of the I-35W collapse in Minneapolis has revealed numerous gaps in data and delayed inspections at the State level.</p>
Aug 6, 2008   MSNBC
<p>In the oil rich Middle East, a new twin tower development is utilizing wind turbines installed between the buildings to generate up to 15 percent of the structure's energy needs.</p>
Apr 10, 2008   MSNBC