Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics features a slideshow of fantastic examples of landscape architecture, from Scotland's Garden of Cosmic Speculation to the Growth Chamber on the International Space Station.
Aug 13, 2010   Popular Mechanics
A company called Fastskinz thinks so. They've created a vinyl car wrap based on the aerodynamic evidence from golf balls that an uneven surface creates less drag. Popular Mechanics puts the theory to the test.
May 12, 2009   Popular Mechanics
New modeling software could soon be available that would allow monitoring across the internet of flood levels in specific areas- like your backyard.
Aug 14, 2008   Popular Mechanics
<p>Popular Mechanics offers a slide show of the nation's top 10 most pressing infrastructure problems needing urgent attention.</p>
Apr 11, 2008   Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics takes a look back at the defining device of the 20th century -- the automobile.
Jan 8, 2001   Popular Mechanics