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Artists tend to flock to big cities where their art can be bought and appreciated, but economic hard times are sending artists fleeing towards cheaper rents on homes and studio space.
Feb 1, 2011   Utne Reader
What if next year's Democratic nominee made a big issue out of keeping American communities vital?
Sep 3, 2003   Utne Reader
The Utne Reader offers their list of the ten most 'enlightened' suburbs across the U.S.
Mar 16, 2003   Utne Reader
Free parking encourages driving and parking lots make pedestrian and bike travel difficult. Alan Durning offers suggestions to help the nation save oil and reduce car use.
Sep 21, 2001   Utne Reader
In Quebec, bikes are not just a sport but a transport.
Mar 13, 2001   Utne Reader
In Portland, a car-sharing service is following a European trend and giving individuals and families another choice to owning a car.
Mar 12, 2001   Utne Reader
Commuters and urban dwellers coast-to-coast are climbing aboard new light rail train systems.
Mar 11, 2001   Utne Reader
William Clay Ford Jr. has spent his first year as Ford chairman outlining his plans for a cleaner, greener Ford Motor Company.
Mar 10, 2001   Utne Reader
Dot-com money is draining out the quirkiness and creativity of San Francisco.
Jan 16, 2001   Utne Reader
Peter Katz, author of "The New Urbanism: Toward an Architecture of Community" lists ten great U.S. cities that have been overlooked.
Jan 15, 2001   Utne Reader
Every city has a soul. Here's how to discover the unique spirit of your city.
Jan 12, 2001   Utne Reader