Chris Hedges warns that corporate consolidation of public transportation is leading to increasingly dangerous conditions for both drivers and passengers, especially in intercity bus systems.
Apr 17, 2013   AlterNet
Tara Lohan at Alternet suggests that the economic downturn is contributing to a cultural shift in terms of our aspirations for housing and neighborhood locations.
Dec 8, 2010   AlterNet
In this essay from Lapham's Quarterly, Lewis Lapham muses on the nature of the city: how it is perceived, by whom and for whom; and how it incubates new ideas and facilitates democracy.
Sep 8, 2010   AlterNet
Attempts to eliminate all visible traces of Islamic influence from the design and nomenclature of the Park51 project contributes to the de-legitimization of Islam in America, writes Aisha Ghani.
Aug 25, 2010   AlterNet
Mike Whitney at Alternet warns that, between a poorly-understood "frankensystem" of federal housing relief combined with an estimated 9-year "shadow inventory" of distressed homes, homeowners are facing a "lost decade."
May 14, 2010   AlterNet
The Deepwater Horizon disaster presents President Obama with an opportunity to "move boldly" on alternative energy, writes Bill McKibben.
May 7, 2010   AlterNet
In the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe, Geography professor Jason Henderson calls out "green" liberals who insist on driving.
May 6, 2010   AlterNet
Stan Cox and David Van Tassel point out that skyscraper farms will never work as promised because of their inability to provide natural sunlight.
May 3, 2010   AlterNet
It may be one of the worst food deserts in the country, but Detroit has enough open land in the city's 103,000 vacant lots to become self-sufficient in terms of food production, argues Mark Dowie.
May 1, 2010   AlterNet
In this excerpt from his new book "Eaarth", Bill McKibben discusses how such efforts as the Transition movement and farmer's markets are tapping into our need for neighbors.
Apr 28, 2010   AlterNet
Stephanie Rogers revisits 7 of the greatest environmental disasters (including the 2008 TVA coal sludge spill) and finds that while they may have left the headlines, serious problems remain.
Apr 19, 2010   AlterNet