Savannah Morning News

In one of the country's most picturesque historic cities, redevelopment plans have sparked community debate about the future of its waterfront.
Feb 15, 2012   Savannah Morning News
Does suburban sprawl cause health problems related to lack of exercise? Researchers aim to find out with a $4 million transportation study.
Apr 13, 2001   Savannah Morning News
Small communities as well as large cities are using the Web to distribute information to residents.
Mar 20, 2001   Savannah Morning News
At a conference on coastal growth sponsored by the Georgia Conservancy and other environmental groups, Edward T.McMahon, director of land use programs for The Conservation Fund called for careful growth control along Georgia's coastline.
Feb 24, 2001   Savannah Morning News
Savannah nature enthusiasts want to restore a historic canal by allocating land for recreation - but are being held back by the tricky issue of property rights.
Feb 19, 2001   Savannah Morning News
Ben Hubby believes that developers and superstores will destroy the charm and ecology of Savannah, GA.
Feb 15, 2001   Savannah Morning News
Out-of-style in many areas of Savannah, GA, sidewalks are now making a comeback as neighborhoods rediscover the need for a sense of community.
Jan 22, 2001   Savannah Morning News
Some cities in Georgia are creating their own long-term strategies to combat urban sprawl. Critics argue that some "smart growth" ordinances violate property rights and cause other problems.
Jan 3, 2001   Savannah Morning News
Snellville, Georgia, may be an example of how not to grow.
Dec 21, 2000   Savannah Morning News