Savannah Morning News

In one of the country's most picturesque historic cities, redevelopment plans have sparked community debate about the future of its waterfront.
Feb 15, 2012   Savannah Morning News
<p>A program in Savannah is encouraging downtown churches to redevelop their parking lots to include needed affordable housing and neighborhood services.</p>
May 31, 2007   Savannah Morning News
<p>This editorial calls on public officials in South Carolina and Georgia to work together to build a river port that will benefit them both.</p>
Jan 26, 2007   Savannah Morning News
Savannah's City Council has approved the conversion of a parking garage back to its original use as a town square.
Nov 15, 2004   Savannah Morning News
Design-based coding for one of Savannah's Nationally Registered Historic Districts is reviewed by City Council.
Dec 19, 2003   Savannah Morning News
Planners propose form-based code in Savannah.
Aug 21, 2003   Savannah Morning News
Form-based code proposing mixed uses generates interest in Savannah.
Aug 2, 2003   Savannah Morning News
A columnist for the Savannah Morning News writes that the introduction of new mega stores in getting out of hand.
May 20, 2002   Savannah Morning News
Historic Preservationists in Savannah, GA, are concerned about a loophole that allows the demolition of historic building just by waiting for one year.
Jun 8, 2001   Savannah Morning News
The Savannah Area Geographic Information System is helping planners plan for sustainable growth and save money.
May 9, 2001   Savannah Morning News
20-year community land use plan has one goal: limit explosive growth.
Apr 22, 2001   Savannah Morning News