Coinciding with Earth Day, PBS is airing a series of programs highlighting the ways in which local communities are working to conserve energy in order to save money and save the environment.
Apr 22, 2012   PBS
A PBS documentary tells the story of how residents of a small town stood up to Wal-Mart and opposed the construction of a megastore in their town.
Jun 8, 2001   PBS
PBS airs an excellent new documentary on the rise of high-speed rail service in the US in the 1930's.
Feb 7, 2001   PBS
NewsHour with Jim Lehrer has created a website featuring detailed interviews and images about new urbanism.
Jan 8, 2001   PBS
PBS presents a unique look at U.S. history "by the numbers" -- studying statistics to determine social change and broad trends of the last century.
Dec 20, 2000   PBS