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While environmentalists were hailing the historic carbon emissions reduction agreement between the leaders of the United States and China, the world's two largest emitters, Republican leaders wasted no time in slamming the accord.
Nov 13, 2014   CBS News
NASA's "Highway in the Sky" system will let millions fly using personal flying machines being developed by inventors.
Apr 18, 2005   CBS News
The Regional Transportation District (RTD) in Denver is considering adding televisions to public transit.
Nov 14, 2004   CBS News
Ridership on mass transit systems across the U.S. seem to be slipping, despite significantly higher gas prices.
Oct 7, 2004   CBS News
New study finds outside sources lead to not-so-pine-fresh breathing in two of America's most popular parks.
Jun 27, 2004   CBS News
An 'introduction' to GIS, including its debatable limitations and benefits, from garbage pick-up to homeland security.
Feb 7, 2004   CBS News
Efforts to simplify residential realty transactions will continue despite the resignation Mel Martinez as secretary of HUD.
Dec 24, 2003   CBS News
The trend toward locating 'blue collar' golf courses on former brownfields or landfills is picking up.
Nov 20, 2003   CBS News
Mike Wallace reports on abuses of eminent domain across the U.S., including by the New York Times.
Sep 29, 2003   CBS News
Despite recent troubles leading up to a historic gubernatorial recall, a new poll shows most Americans would like to live in California.
Aug 25, 2003   CBS News
Controversial television campaign links gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to international terrorism.
Jan 9, 2003   CBS News