American Forests

American Forests has announced its list of the top American cities who recognize the economic, aesthetic, environmental and social value of their vegetation, and work to protect and expand their urban forests.
Feb 7, 2013   American Forests
Did you ever think that by using a cut Christmas tree in your house that you were actually helping the environment?
Dec 25, 2003   American Forests
Farming on the Edge presents the top 20 states losing prime farmland to development, as well as posters and images.
Apr 16, 2003   American Forests
Information gathered by CITYgreen software, about tree-covered areas, can help plans aimed to improve cityscape.
Jul 3, 2002   American Forests
Conservation group American Forests unveiled new technology that enables urban designers and planners to include trees in the decision-making process.
Dec 9, 2001   American Forests
American Forests, the country's oldest nonprofit conservation organization, has a goal to plant one million trees for Earth Day on April 22.
Apr 19, 2001   American Forests
American Forests and the U.S. Forest Service are seeking proposals for conservation projects in the Chesapeake Bay region.
Jan 29, 2001   American Forests
New report calculates the economic and environmental impact of the dramatic loss of trees in the Houston area due to sprawl and development.
Dec 19, 2000   American Forests