Urban Land Institute

The Urban Land Institute proposes the blending of solutions in housing and public health as a method of increasing the resilience of cities threatened by natural disasters of all kinds.
Sep 6, 2014   Urban Land Institute
Airports are increasingly serving as central business districts thatattract development oriented toward air travel and air freight movement.
Nov 18, 2002   Urban Land Institute
A survey on hiring and retention among real estate firms found that academic training ranked lower as a hiring prerequisite than drive and sound business judgment.
Nov 12, 2002   Urban Land Institute
ULI's 2002 Awards for Excellence were presented to 10 outstanding real estate development entries during the institute's annual fall meeting in Las Vegas.
Nov 11, 2002   Urban Land Institute
Promising returns from real estate investments in Latin American arepossible, if risks Are understood.
Aug 11, 2002   Urban Land Institute
Shopping centers are being abandoned so quickly by retailers that residents of nearby neighborhoods are growing alarmed.
Aug 3, 2002   Urban Land Institute
To help the changing urban form become a better urban form, more choices must be offered in development.
Jun 14, 2002   Urban Land Institute
What are the five most dangerous words in real estate? 'This time it's different'. ULI's mid-year real estate forecast cuts to the chase.
May 6, 2002   Urban Land Institute
ULI publishes six case studies of how private sector developers have successfully used federal HOPE VI housing program funds.
May 5, 2002   Urban Land Institute
Robert Dunphy, ULI's transportation expert, comments on who drives the most and the least among large U.S. metropolitan regions.
Mar 13, 2002   Urban Land Institute
A new report published by the Urban Land Institute examines the role of community centers in urban revitalization efforts.
Mar 12, 2002   Urban Land Institute