Urban Land Institute

'America 2013', a report released this week by the Urban Land Institute, presents the results of a nationwide survey on housing, transportation, and community preferences. Demographic trends indicate a continued demand for city living.
May 16, 2013   Urban Land Institute
Smart growth lowers consumer location costs for housing and transportation, a ULI analysis shows.
Sep 12, 2003   Urban Land Institute
An Urban Land Institue policy forum examines London's congestion pricing and the implications of imposing fees to drive downtown.
Aug 22, 2003   Urban Land Institute
ULI offers 10 principles that can serve as a checklist for the development of pedestrian-scale communities that will be suitable for public transportation.
Aug 7, 2003   Urban Land Institute
The Urban Land Institute identifies ten principles for successful urban retail development.
Jul 24, 2003   Urban Land Institute
An innovative research project measures "nature's services" supporting approximately 50,000 residents in a dense urban Los Angeles neighborhood.
Jul 3, 2003   Urban Land Institute
Few mixed-use communities nationwide are close enough to each other to reduce the need to drive between them.
May 7, 2003   Urban Land Institute
A Harvard University team wins ULI Hines Urban Design Competition for redesign of D.C.'s South Capitol Street Area.
May 5, 2003   Urban Land Institute
Students Teams from Harvard, MIT, Penn, and USC Face Off in Redesign of Washington's South Capitol Street in ULI design competition.
Mar 27, 2003   Urban Land Institute
ULI President Richard Rosan discussesdevelopment trends in the United States.
Dec 13, 2002   Urban Land Institute
Airports are increasingly serving as central business districts thatattract development oriented toward air travel and air freight movement.
Nov 18, 2002   Urban Land Institute